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One Partnership,
Twice The Impact

We are the only comprehensive back office provider to include HR, Finance, and IT services for a complete solution.

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How it works

Delegate your HR, IT, and financial services with Impact Mates’ 100% back office support. 

Growth Opportunities

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Our team will conduct interviews, listen carefully, and gather pertinent information to thoroughly assess your finances and current operation.

Strategic Planning

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We will devise a plan with your mission as its focus. Our strategies are designed to best meet your needs, and our goal is to refine your processes for the long term to magnify your impact.

Project Launch

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We will immediately start implementation of the project plan we constructed. As true partners, we will collaborate through every step of the transition as we streamline your processes and free up your energy and resources.

True benefits

We solve your back office. You solve global problems.

It’s a win-win solution as we work in the background to help you make the world a better place.

Peace of mind

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Picture fewer staff members, added expertise, and comprehensive back office know-how. We will build your systems and make sure they run smoothly, letting you finally exhale.


Stop spinning your wheels and start moving. We have the technical knowledge and practical experience to provide back office support that will eliminate busy work and strengthen your organization from the inside out.


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Workable processes, clear job descriptions, and the right skillset beginning on day one. Imagine being able to take the day off without the house coming down. Your everyday tasks will run smoothly, so your organization can advance in its mission.


Back office made simple

We serve as your partners in the mission of your worthy cause. You handle the important stuff while we manage your entire back office, from A to Z.

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With Impact Mates

Without Impact Mates

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Plans for every non-profit

We evaluate the current state of your business and staffing needs. We assess best practices, develop a plan, and follow through on improvements for the long term. Consult at non cost which is your best fit.  


The best way to get started

  • Payroll Processing

  • (On-Off)boarding Employees

  • Basic IT Support

  • Basic Budgeting

  • Expense Reimbursements

  • Accounts Payable

  • Benefits Management

       Human Resources


Includes everything on Essential plan

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Digitization Plans

  • Advanced IT Support

  • Financial Advice

  • Website Maintenance

      Accounts Receivable


      Budgeting & Cash Flow


Includes everything on Basic

  • Systems Evaluation

  • Processes Improvement

  • Personnel Handbook

  • Program Evaluation

  • Systems Implementation

  • Grant Research & Management

  • Audits & 990 Compliance

      Agency Structure Analysis

** Contact Us at no cost to see which plan fits you best.  All plans can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of organizations do you typically support?

Our clients are primarily non-profits and purpose-driven businesses. One of our core values is “impact,” so we are constantly seeking to make a difference. We support our clients so that they may better focus on their organizational mission. Our goal is to do our part in creating a more equitable world, one that provides food, education, and decent work for all people. Our team is guided by the 17 sustainable principles introduced by the UN. In a nutshell, we are anti-inequality and pro-opportunity for all.

What is your fee structure?

Once we have established an agreed-upon plan, we will work with you to determine the logical next steps and implementation plan. Our relationship is projected for the long term, so we intent to find an investment level that is right for you and that works with your agency’s budget.

What is the general timeframe for your services?

We are in it for the long term. We are not a consultancy. Our team does not come in, devise a plan, and then quickly depart. We develop a plan in collaboration with our partners and implement in tandem. Our goal is to serve as true partners, not as just another outsourced service. Consider us your fellow teammates. Our Discovery and Planning phase typically lasts one to three weeks. Upon completion, we will remain for as long as you require. As partners, we will assume responsibility for your operations, so that you may have peace of mind. If you need a short-time project, please give us a call, and we can discuss the best options.

Where are you located?

We are based in the San Francisco Bay area. Our founders have worked in the non-profit arena for over a decade, and have ample experience navigating government contracts, such as with the City & County of San Francisco and Alameda County.

I don’t need all of your services. Can I hire you for some?

Absolutely. We are firm in our belief that a combined team has a greater impact on your organization, but we are happy to partner to a lesser capacity. Our primary goal is to provide a seamless integration of your back office. The process is a true partnership, so collaboration on next steps and a cohesive implementation plan is essential.

How much time will be required from me?

Once the strategic plan is finalized, we will meet with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for progress updates. During the Discovery and Planning phase, we will need at least 10 hours of your time along with that of your staff. This will allow us to better assess your current growth opportunities.

Are you a consultancy firm?

No, we are not! We do not want our partners to handle the heavy lifting. That’s our job. We arrive with a professional team that is intended to stay for the long term. We will run your operations on a daily basis, and remain an extension of your team.

When do you expect us to see real changes?

Our processes are intended to organize your back office in as little time as a month. Not all projects can be implemented right away, but our plan is to constantly apply modifications so that you can readily benefit from a more organized and supportive back office. You can anticipate high quality support and simplified processes immediately.

What if I don’t agree with your ideas?

That’s okay! This is a collaborative engagement. Even if we try to tailor a plan based on our previous experiences, you might have your own ideas. We will listen carefully to your concerns and methods. Our team is 100% committed to charting the right path with you and your staff.

We tried to outsource previously, but it was unsuccessful. We found ourselves having to manage them. How are you different?

We understand your frustration. That’s precisely why we created Impactmates, a back-office solution that manages itself. Because we work as a cohesive unit, we have devised a plan that integrates all elements of the back office. You will be assigned an Account Manager. One person, 4 diverse skill sets, all working seamlessly to serve you.

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Unsure which is the right plan for you?

Talk to our experts. Drop in your details and our experts will reach out to you soon.